About The Chamber of Tourism & Industry of Sri Lanka
To be the Benchmark Chamber of Tourism in the Asian region and the driving force in Development of Tourism supporting the National Economic and Social growth.

The Mission is to provide services and assistance required by the leisure industry to function competitively in domestic and overseas markets and to represent them in matters of common and individual interest at all fora including discussions and deliberations convened by the government.

(1) To promote, advance, develop, safeguard and assist Tourism and Industries of Sri Lanka and undertake all measures to ensure and protect them in the National Interest.
(2) To consider any matter or question related to Tourism and Industries and provide solutions to them.
(3) To promote all activity that contributes to a favorable climate for Tourism and Industrial Development in the country.
(4) To advise and/ or make representation, to the Government of Sri Lanka and other authorities to positively influence decision making affecting the interest of small and medium enterprises engaged in Tourism and Industries in Sri Lanka
(5) To advise and make representation to the Government of Sri Lanka with a view to promoting proper legislation effecting Tourism and Industries and to take all measures directed for the attainment of the said purpose.
(6)To examine and provide solutions to problems referred to it by the Government of Sri Lanka and by Enterprises engaged in Tourism and industries or by any related association, engaged in Tourism.
(7) To undertake by arbitration or otherwise the settlement of disputes of members of the chamber in relation to their commercial activities.
(8) To promote the achievement of socially desirable business conduct, practices and ethical standards of the members of the association and others in the business.
(9) To provide vocational training in various technical fields related to Tourism and Industry.
(10) To collect and share statistics and other information relating to Tourism and Industry products and services of the members and to publish such information in manner as may be desirable.
(11) To conduct research on Tourism Development and make available the findings to its members and the authorities for further action.

A.M Jaufer
Vice President
Mark John Scannell
Secretary General
Mahinda Colonne
A.L Alliyar
Asst. Secretary
M.H.M Iqbal
Daya Weerasinghe
The Chamber of Commerce & Industry is to launch its new website shortly enabling the industry to get up date information and many value added services...
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