The Chamber of Tourism & Industry of Sri Lanka
The Chamber of Tourism and Industry was established with the view of supporting development of Tourism and Industry in Sri Lanka. With the dawn of peace countries look at Sri Lanka as a country safe to visit. Travel advisories have been removed and International press has rated Sri Lanka as one of the best holiday destinations. Therefore Sri Lanka can be seen as a country which can achieve high level of Economic growth.

The Chamber plans to identify tourism potential in the country with special emphasis to the North and the East. The economic Development of those families living in the North and the East who had to undergo difficulties due to the War, Tsunami and  the affects of the adverse weather conditions will be considered as the top priority of the Chamber of Tourism. The Chamber also plans to support donor agencies in implementation of projects with the collaboration of the state agencies.

At present 15,270 hotel rooms are available for the visiting guests. Plans are under way to construct a total number of 30-50,000 hotel rooms by the year 2016. This will support to achieve the Government's target of 2.5 million tourist arrivals by the year 2016.

The Chamber will work towards bringing in investments to the country in order to support the implementation of development programmes with a special emphasis to create employment for the youth in the North and the East. Supporting the tourism industry in the International Marketing Effort will be a priority area ear marked by the Chamber. We request all stake holders of the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka to rally round in achieving these objectives.

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry is to launch its new website shortly enabling the industry to get up date information and many value added services...
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